December 31, 2017

it's Been Awhile

  It's been a very long time since I posted here.  I used to love collecting Asian art and antiques, learning about the pieces and then writing about them.    Unfortunately, it seems that my various life experiences and challenges got in the way of doing the things I love.   Don't get me wrong, I still love it, I just don't have the money anymore to collect more, nor the space to keep it, and writing is difficult for me now because of memory and focus issues I'm having these past couple of years.  I'm getting old and it seems that age has taken it's toll on my brain, as well as my eyesight.

  I also got distracted, and redirected and suddenly found myself too broke to do any further collecting.  I found myself too overwhelmed with several dire life situations that prevented me from being able to write and post here.

  I have gone through so much in the past couple of years and maybe someday I'll write about it, but for now, I'm just popping in to say hello, just to add some new life to my blog.

  At some point I'll begin writing again about Asian art and antiques, but first I need the room to sort through my collection as it's all packed and I'm cramped in a tiny apartment, and I'm also married now, so I'm often distracted because I have less alone time to do things I enjoy, although that's not necessarily always true, because I have been doing some photography and creating art, which is partially the reason I am writing now, because I wanted to share this with you.

You can check out my art at Fine Art Prints & Photography by Lita Xú Líng Kelley.

I do plan on updating the marks section sometime too, and I have several hundred more marks to share, as well as another hundred or so marks to photograph from my collection, so, that's something to look forward to too.


  1. Hi Lita! Happy new year! I hope you can help me figure out who is the artist in the image (link: I have a tea set and am trying to find out who is the artist. I tried searching but reverse image search did not bring any result. Your help would be much appreciated!

  2. Oh wonderful! Take the time you need! I was so happy to finally identify the mark on my beloved mug I have from my late father. While no one seems to have any idea what the pattern is at least I have a start and I never would have had that if not for you and this amazing blog.

  3. Hi Lita, I have been trying to identify a porcelain foo dog that was given to me by my mother but have been unable to find an image of the maker's mark anywhere. While some of the characters show up in other marks, the four characters don't seem to show up together in any mark I've seen anywhere on the web. If you find the time, would you be so kind as to email me at so I can send you an image and perhaps you can identify the mark for me? Thanks so much in advance!