February 26, 2015

Japanese Edo period Matsuyama Gama Aode Kutani Double Gourds 松山窯 青で 九谷

Here's another one of my most recent auction acquisitions, a pair of Japanese Edo period Ao-de Kutani double gourd shaped vases from Matsuyama Gama, signed with the kaku seal of Matsuyama Kiln, 松山窯

Matsuyama Gama existed from 1848 to 1863.  In 1863 the name was changed to Matsuyama Okami KilnMatsuyama ceased production in 1872.   The color and style of original Matsuyama Ao-de Kutani look like Yoshidaya Kutani which was the revival of Ko-kutani, aka old Kutani.

Japanese Edo period Matsuyama Gama Ao-de Kutani Double Gourds 松山窯
Japanese Edo period Matsuyama Gama Ao-de Kutani Double Gourds 松山窯 Japanese Edo period Matsuyama Gama Ao-de Kutani Double Gourds 松山窯

Matsuyama Gama mark松山窯
Matsuyama Gama mark:  松山窯

 This style of Kutani is referred to by a few different, but similar names,  often mistakenly called Ao Kutani, but the correct term is Ao de Kutani, Aote Kutani or Aode Kutani.

Ao-de Kutani uses four colored overglaze enamels: green, yellow, blue and purple to cover the surface of vessels. Ao-de Kutani is characterized by its deep green color. (Ao means blue in modern Japanese). Ao-de Kutani originated from Ko Kutani ware , which was produced between the mid-17th century and the early 18th century. About 120 years after the production of Ko Kutani ware stopped, Yoshidaya kiln revived the Ko Kutani style and produced aote Kutani in the early 19th century. After Yoshidaya kiln stopped production, aode Kutani was produced by Matsuyama Kiln from 1848 to 1863.

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Matsuyama-gama 1848-1872
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  1. Do you have email adress where I can send you a picture... I have beautiful Japanese porcelain vase which I thought to be from Meiji-era but Japanse cook told me it is earlier but couldn't gave me any further information... Kindly regards - Jason my email is jason_makinen@hotmail.com =)

  2. I have been trying to find anything similar to this piece but the only thing I can find is your pieces seem to have same mark. Do you have any feedback on this piece that you could share? Not sure how to attach pix.