July 16, 2014

Chinese Qing Dynasty Brass Coins

I recently sold a book on eBay and since I had some extra cash in my PayPal account I decided to use those funds to go shopping on eBay.   Among the items I purchased were these Chinese brass coins of the Qing Dynasty, however, they are not genuine Qing Dynasty coins, but copies, or commemorative coins.  Some would call them "fakes", however, the listing made no claims of them being genuine and listed them as being "Archaize" which basically is a way of saying "imitation of ancient" so since they were not being sold as genuine ancient Chinese coins, they're not fakes since there was no deception involved, and besides, my total cost was only $1.34 with free shipping and I really like them.   I just think they're cool. :)

Surely there's no collector value in them, but they're very nice objects that are well made and offered some real educational value since I began looking up information about old Chinese coins to learn more about them.

One of the websites I enjoy reading is Ancient Chinese Charms and Coins, which I find very interesting, even fascinating, and now I have an increased interest in old Chinese coins, so hope to someday have genuine ancient Chinese coins in my collection.   . 

Chinese Qing Dyasty Brass Coins

The three coins are, from left to right, kang xi tong bao (康熙通宝) , qian long tong bao (乾隆通宝). & yong zheng tong bao (雍正通宝)

Chinese Qing Dyasty Brass Coins
Here's the reverse side of these Chinese brass coins, which is different than what's found on actual genuine Chinese coins, which are typically made out of bronze, not brass


  1. I have one it used to be all black when I found so I polished it and it came out brass but I'm not sure how to tell what year it was made I know it's old because the guy that had it was ww2 vet and he had a few even the real small ones and a bunch of older coins some from the late 1800s from all the different places he traveled to

  2. I have this too...it's really black I don't know it's original or not!almost same like the middle one and I don't recollect how I came to possession of it though..