February 24, 2015

Meiji Period Thousand Faces Satsuma Nikkozan Plate 日光山 薩摩焼

I'm super thrilled with my latest auction purchases this past week, among them this Meiji period Thousand Faces Satsuma plate marked Nikkozan , 日光山 and the bonus is that 100% of the proceeds of the auction went to a non profit charity to support an animal shelter..

Meiji period Thousand Faces Satsuma plate marked Nikkozan , 日光山
Meiji period Satsuma Mark Nikkozan , 日光山

It's my belief that Nikkozan marked Satsuma is likely among the rarest of Satsuma wares because a quick Google search reveals only a few examples, all of which were auctioned off several years ago by Bonham's and Christie's auction houses.  There are no other Nikkozan marked Satsumayaki listed in Google other than these few, and now my own post.

Doing a similar search in Japanese also netted less than a couple of links for Nikkozan Satsuma wares.

I'm rather perplexed why so many sites, particularly online auction sites, refer to this design of Rakan with Kannon and dragon, etc as "Thousand Faces".  I have yet to find any information whatsoever on the story behind this design and insofar as Japanese websites go, the term 1000 Faces in relation to Satsuma is non existent.   It is my belief that the name "Thousand Faces" when applicable to this design of Satsuma is a false one.   

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