July 29, 2014

Chinese Calligraphy Mei Fu 美孚 Scroll by Zuo Tai-Hang 左 太行 1987

I visited a local thrift store yesterday and while browsing around I found this Chinese calligraphy mounted on a scroll..

When I purchased it I had no idea what it said, so I asked my Facebook friend Hung Yueh Hsu from Taiwan for his help and he translated it for me.

The central large characters are 美孚, Mei Fu, which is Mobil, the oil & gas corporation.  To the left, is 丁卯春香港美孚 敬贈,  which translates as "In spring 1987, A gift of Hong Kong Mobil, and it is sealed with the signature seal of Zuo Tai-Hang ( or Zuo Tai-Xing).  On the back is affixed a paper label that's signed by the artist 左 太行 ,書法 Zuo Tai-Hang calligraphy.   I'm not sure if it's supposed to be Tai-Hang or Taihang.  Presumably, this scroll was presented as gift to a United States based Mobil Corporation executive while visiting the Hong Kong Mobil headquarters.

Chinese Calligraphy Mei Fu, scroll, 美孚by Zuo Taihang 左 太行 1987Chinese Calligraphy Mei Fu, 美孚by Zuo Taihang 左 太行 1987

seal of Zuo Taihang丁卯春 香港美孚 敬贈

左 太行 ,書法 Zuo Tai-Hang calligraphy左 太行 Zuo Tai Hang

At the time of this posting, the only information I have been able to find thus far on Zuo Taihang is that
Zuo Tai Hang was born in 1948 in Hebei Hirayama, China,  in 1968 he worked in Mongolia,    In 1975 Mr Taihang graduated from the Beijing Iron and Steel Institute and then went on to work for the Capital Iron and Steel Plant, 1

Since 1980,  he has worked for the Beijing Economic Commission, the State Economic Commission and the National Reform Committee. He is a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association.

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