July 9, 2014

Japanese Kutani Sake Bottle - 九谷 酒瓶

 I just got this Japanese sake bottle today.  It is Kutani and has calligraphy on it, presumably also signed by the artist, however, I have not been able to translate it, nor can I make out the hanko seal, so have no idea who the artist is or if the calligraphy contains a date or not.   My best guess is that this Kutani sake bottle is mid to 3rd quarter 20th century made... 1950s to 1970s, but it could be newer than that, unlikely older.

I know the bottom character is san/yama , but I'm not sure what the first kanji is, however, I was informed by a third party that the seal looks like it reads 高山, Takayama.   I haven't been able to narrow this down to any specific artist, however, there is a city in Japan named Takayama which has several sake breweries, so perhaps this sake bottle was made by/for them, or as a product to be sold in tourist shops in Takayama, Japan.   I'm having difficulty figuring this one out, so if you know, I'd greatly appreciate your help.

Kutani Sake Bottle - 九谷 酒瓶

Kutani Sake Bottle - 九谷 酒瓶Kutani Sake Bottle - 九谷 酒瓶
Kutani markKutani Sake Bottle - 九谷 酒瓶

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